Friday, May 11, 2007

Goodbye, Crockpot

My trusy Crockpot is in slowcooker heaven. One day after our festive Cinco De Mayo potluck at work last week, I dropped it and the crock broke into many big, chunky ceramic pieces. I’ve been on the search for a replacement but felt a little sad about the Rival Crockpot I inherited from my mom. At least I got a lot of use out of it though, something mom would be proud of. It’s cooked everything from steel cut oatmeal to a lamb shank I impressed my boyfriend with. Thank-you, you old crock.
So last night BF and I shopped for a new one. We went ahead with a Hamilton Beach slow cooker. It’s a super basic model, doesn’t even have a timer, but I felt it fit my needs just right plus the price was within my budget. I can’t wait to try it out this weekend. Will keep you all posted!


Viviane said...

It worked beautifully on the ribs you made last Sat. Is that recipe on your Blog?

H. Augustina said...

No, not yet Viv. I'll be posting that one soon.