Sunday, June 10, 2007

Retro Rod's

We have a fondness for Rod's Grill in Arcadia. This place not only serves homey comfort food, but it also has great atmosphere, and history. My boyfriend and I had lunch there one recent Sunday and as usual, we had a good time. Feeling like having Thanksgiving in June, I ordered the turkey dinner plate which was BIG. I mean, I had to bring about 3/4 of the plate home with me because there was so much food. Thick slices of turkey breast with cornbread stuffing over mashed potatoes, gravy, a side of carrots and snow peas, and home made bread. Plus, a bowl of split pea soup (a personal favorite of mine). My BF ordered his usual steak and eggs breakfast with french fries. Though he liked the way the cook prepared the meat (medium rare), he thought the steak had a pre-frozen quality about it. Okay, so not a gourmet restaurant, right? Still though, he enjoyed his meal and both of us know we'll be coming back again.

Rod's Grill
41 West Huntington Dr.
Arcadia, CA.

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